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Weber 4411001 Spirit E-210 Propane Grill, Black

I rented a house in Sedona, Arizona for a month where they’d a propane gas grill. Friends visited and grilled up some outrageous steaks and salmon. I’d a little Weber Smokey Joe at home that I hadn’t used for years. The charcoal system became too dirty and too much trouble. I never purchased a gas grill when i thought that really great tasting food could not be created on a gas grill.

When I returned home from my trip I went to Target, Walmart and Home Depot shopping for grills. Home Depot had a full-featured, large stainless steel grill for sale. Orginal price $369 – Sale price $199. The ground unit was the only one remaining unit out of all Phoenix stores. I will not mention the brand name. I got myself the grill and arranged for friends to pickup the following day as it was too big to load into my SUV. I knew it had been poorly constructed however the price was too tempting.

When I got home your evening I started reading reviews about the grill that I had just purchased. Nearly all of them were negative. I saw the Webers on the ground at Home Depot. The standard was CLEARLY superior. However, they were also considerably more expensive. I decided that I wanted a pleasant grilling experience. I could not picture having friends over for lunch and having burner difficulties.

I returned by Depot the next morning. canceled the initial purchase and purchased the Weber Spirit E-210. I had Home Depot assemble the grill for me personally.

Cooking on a gas grill is really a either a science or art. If you don’t know how to get it done, the results will be poor. I watched a gas grilling video on […] by an executive chef from Morton’s Steak House. […]
This video got me
pointed in the right direction. The important thing points are high heat preheat and closed cover cooking. You can copy and paste the hyperlink to the video to your browser.

This grill gets hotter to 600 degrees quickly. Everything about it is quality, quality. There’s a wonderful disposable drip pan system with foil drip pans. The grill plates tend to be heavy steel meaning you’re going to get even heating over all of your meats. Some other reviews mention this unit as having too small a cooking area. Obviously they are cooking for soccer teams. For me, this grill is big enough for any family. There is no side burner or rotisserie although an attachment can be bought. I have a Showtime rotisserie so that wasn’t an issue for me.

I love this grill. It is truly among the quality items that I own.

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